People have beautified their living spaces by trying to organize, renovate and improve the spaces they have lived in throughout history. Today, we can show the lighting sector as the biggest area of this change. Outside the standard chandeliers, more eye-catching, stylish, aesthetic lighting products have started to be decorated. Pandora lighting and architecture, which has undertaken important tasks in Turkey and in the world with pride and success under Important Projects , does not compromise on quality as well as aesthetics. We welcome our valued customers to our galleries in order to make aesthetic touches to your hotels , restaurants, cafes, offices, villas and living areas with the pride of performing many projects around the world.


Pandora Lighting offers a modern line of professionalism to your spaces with its thousands of professional lighting products such as spot, LED, linear office lighting, adjustable and interchangeable color lighting products, and sound sensitive lighting products. Pandora lighting, which is able to produce custom and on demand, aims to combine the needs of its customers with quality and elegance at every level from the kitchen to the presentation of the work. He proves this with his references, which he has done well. As the most important flag holder in the factory, manufacturing and production process of professional lighting products in Turkey, he serves the whole world from the side of our country. Enhance the familiar professional lighting layout with Pandora lighting signature.


Pandora Aydınlatma informs its customers about the product they want to use first in order to provide the most suitable outdoor lighting products for their customers. The most important feature to be considered in outdoor lighting products is IP class. The IP (Ingress Protection) protection class determines the degree of protection the Lighting product has against dust, sand, dirt and liquids.           

IP65 = Water resistant.


Protected against water sprayers. (Do not immerse IP65 lighting products in water, they are not waterproof.)


IP67 = More water resistant.


Protected against transient immersion (10 minutes). (Do not immerse IP67 lighting products in water for long periods of time.)


IP68 = Waterproof.


(Protected against permanent immersion up to 3 meters.)             Pandora Lighting, street and outdoor lighting, pool lighting, garden lighting, outdoor projectors, marine lighting, wall lighting, wallwasher, pavement and walkway floor lighting, a variety of options, suitable for use, the beauty of the foreground and with the products that meet the expectations, it serves its valuable customers.










Aydınlatma Nedir?

What Is Lighting?

The most important conditions upon which the functioning of our visual sense depends are the lighting which is basically the control and